DOMOV Slovakia, a.s.

It is a construction engineering organization which deals with:

* preparation and engineering of construction works
* projecting of the structures according to the requirements of the investor
* supply and realization of the structures
* manufacture, supply and mounting of installed PANTER system
* consultancy in gaining support from State Housing Development Fund and   grants
* providing of construction supervision
* complex consultancy in building industry

Board of Directors

Ing. Pavol Karaba
President of the Board of Directors

Ing. Samuel BABJAK
Member of the Board of Directors

p. Peter GANDI
Member of the Board of Directors,
Director of the company

* the company is exclusive manufacturer and supplier of constructions made of installed building PANTER system - this modern
   technology offers not only fast construction for reasonable price, but also excellent mechanical qualities.
* the company offers complete assistance in preparation and realization of projects under the housing development programs
  for municipalities and towns covering the whole area of Slovak Republic (i.e. apartments for rent, social apartments).
* the company owns rights for typified house designs, terrace family houses and apartment houses which are constructed
  by the installed building PANTER system.
* the company owns know-how for complex construction process of family house localities as well as for cluster of apartment
* the company supplies and realizes constructions of manufacturing plants, halls, stores etc., also of construction systems
  made of wooden fish-joint bond timber, light steel constructions and installed systems.