Load-bearing wall panel Panter®

Solution considers load-bearing wall panel as constructional-insulating wall and separating element with changeable heights and widths intended for dry installation of load-bearing and non-load-bearing external walls, internal partition walls as well as for covering of various building objects.

Essence of PanterR system
technical solution

Panel consists of three layers, i.e., of first external layer, of second layer of low specific density and of second external layer. Both first and second external layers are made of special wooden-chips constructional board. Second layer of low specific density is made of stabilized, hardened and self-extinguishing polystyrene.

Structure of PanterR panel

In a layout of partial cut of wall panel an example of load-bearing wall panel PanterR solution is demonstrated.

Building polystyrene is self-extinguishing and resistant to UV radiation.

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